We Deliver Smiles

From hand painting greeting cards at her kitchen table to building a fully-functioning print studio next to her home in rural Sussex, Nessie Maclay turned humble beginnings into a work of art.

It all began in 2002 when Nessie’s dad requested some hand-painted greeting cards for Christmas. Nessie accepted, and as soon as she put paintbrush to paper, she was hooked. Her dad’s initial order of 400 quickly grew—thanks to friends and family—and Nessie sold almost 10,000 cards by the end of the holiday season.

And that’s when 'This Is Nessie' was born.

As popularity for Nessie’s hand-finished cards grew, the venture naturally progressed to personalised stationery and then to bespoke illustrated prints.

Now, customers can choose from a range of unique cards, custom printed homeware products and quirky framed illustrations.

Behind the scenes

Featuring Nessie, our production staff and studio dog Inca, here’s a quick glimpse into a day in the life of This Is Nessie. Painting, printing and packing—with a little (okay a lot) of fun in between. Take a look at what goes into delivering smiles to our customers every day.

What it's all about

Nessie draws most of her inspiration from her Sussex country home and garden, as well as from her four adorable (and endlessly entertaining) children. Each with their own individual personality and unique interests. Nothing goes to market without going through these kids first. They are our full proof approval (and testing) system. This family affair is what keeps Nessie inspired and pushing to create great prints and products every day.

The story so far...

This Is Nessie didn’t spring up out of the ground overnight. That would have been too easy (no offence, Jack’s beanstalk.) Many seeds had to be planted before Nessie was inspired to grow our little venture. So let’s start at the roots and climb our way through the story so far…